Pearl – Vintage & Historic Vehicles

The Pearl Package is specifically designed for Vintage/Historic Automobiles, which cannot be washed with water.

Older vehicles need to be treated in a more sympathetic manner due to their fragility. Many of which have not seen a wet mile in say 50 years – washing with water in the conventional way is not an option for many, as this can encourage the onset of corrosion. 

We have designed this service based on experience at the Bletchley Park WWII museum, where there is a 1946 Packard Six, 1947 Sunbeam Talbot, 1945 Austin 6 Ambulance and 1945 Fire Trailer, as well as a few motorcycles that we proudly maintain. As well as other pre-50s vehicles in private collections.

The vehicle is delicately cleaned with multiple fluffy microfibre cloths and a waterless wash cleaning agent to remove dust and debris.

Many older vehicles cannot be machine polished as this can cause more harm than good, however, the lead based paints react brilliantly to hand polishing. A 3 stage hand polish system has been developed to create a fantastic finish whilst being completely sympathetic and safe for the vintage paintwork.

Chromework is a big deal on older cars – there’s lots of it! Another massive focus of Refined Details when carrying out the Pearl Package.

Finally the paintwork is coated in 2 layers of a nanotechnology sealant, followed by a more conventional natural Brazilian carnauba wax to protect the finish.

Paintwork cleansed thoroughly with a waterless wash product.
3 Stage Polish completed by hand.
• Paintwork protected with 2 coats of a nanotechnology sealant, and 1 coat of Brazilian Carnauba Wax.
• Alloy wheels protected with a high durability wheel sealant/wax.
• Tyres dressed
 Plastics/Rubbers Dressed
• Windows polished & protected
• Chromework polished & protected

1 Day Booking

Additional Extras/Bolt Ons are available, such as interiors, engine bays, etc.
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