Charcoal – Matte/Satin Paint Protection

The Charcoal Package is specifically designed for Matte/Satin paint finishes.

An increasingly popular paint finish, which cannot be machine polished like conventional paint types. They are also very prone to scratching, staining and sun fading – a difficult finish to maintain.

Thankfully we have designed a service offering that will be completely Matte/Satin finish safe, which involves especially formulated products to both clean and protect your finish.

The vehicle is snow foamed and then washed using the 2 bucket method with a soft lambswool mitt and dried with a microfibre drying towel to eliminate any risk of damaging your vehicles paintwork. The bodywork is also detarred. The alloys and arches are also cleaned and protected.

The paintwork is cleaned with a non-silicone based matte cleansing agent, which will essentially “polish” the finish to an unconventional shine as expected with such paint finishes. This is then followed with 2 layers of a matte sealant/wax, which will give up to 1 years worth of protection.

Note: This detail much be completed at our secure 8+ vehicle unit in Wendover, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP22 to allow the correct environment to sympathetically and safely protect your matte paintwork.

• Thorough alloy wheel cleansing with a selection of specialist brushes to access various parts of the alloy: i.e. inner-rim, front face, etc.
• Tyre walls cleansed to provide a perfect surface for dressing
• Wheel arches cleansed & protected
• Tar deposit removal with a specialist tar remover.
• Door shuts & hinges cleansed and protected.
• Paintwork cleansed thoroughly with a matte specific cleansing agent.
• Paintwork protected with 2 coats of a matte specific sealant.
• Alloy wheels protected with a high durability wheel sealant/wax.
• Tyres dressed
 Plastics/Rubbers Dressed
• Windows polished & protected
• Chromes polished & protected

1 Day Booking

Additional Extras/Bolt Ons are available, such as interiors, engine bays, etc.
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